About Chase Rubin

Chase Rubin is an experienced real estate development professional currently working in various regions across the U.S.

Integrity, teamwork and commitment to the client define Chase Rubin’s professional core values. Chase’s extensive knowledge of the real estate industry coupled with his innate ability to translate client needs into tangible solutions give him a competitive edge in today’s market. Securing a clear understanding of what the client needs has always been of utmost importance to Chase Rubin as ultimately he hopes to improve the lives of the clients through his work. Not only the lives of his clients, but the people, communities and companies that will be utilizing his developments. Chase finds that this end goal provides an endless supply of motivation for his work. Staying well-informed and up to date on current trends within the market is a pivotal part of Chase Rubin’s approach to his career. Owing to this commitment to professional development through perennially learning about his field, Chase Rubin offers his clients unmatched comprehensive service.

With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Chase Rubin has also had the chance to polish his skills as a team player. Within his work, Chase sees time and time again the necessity of approaching each new project with a team mentality. Through aligning himself with both his colleagues and clients and making sure that everyone is focusing on the same goals, Chase finds that success (according to any metric) is guaranteed.

Chase Rubin has always had an interest in real-estate. As a child, Chase loved exploring new neighborhoods and learning about architecture in his free time. These hobbies would eventually blossom into a career once he realized that they perfectly complimented his aptitude for business and his social nature. Luckily Chase realized that entering the real estate industry was playing to both his strengths and interests fairly early on, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Housing market indicators have generally been on an incline within the past year (as compared to the years immediately preceding) which is an encouraging sign for both buyers and sellers. “Now is the time to buy” everyone says, and it is proving to be a great investment to purchase property – especially in cities where value drops aren’t necessarily a short-term possibility. 2015 marks a particularly stand out year in that real estate markets all over the country seem to be balancing out. This is a good thing as many people have invested their money into housing again. Although the real estate industry is so vast and constantly changing, Chase finds that he is never bored and constantly adapting to the market.

Chase loves the ongoing, face-paced, and sometimes intense flow of work when it comes to real estate development. In recent years after the recession, real estate is finally getting its bearings back and it is attracting buyers from all over. With the influx of businesses and development projects, Chase is constantly meeting with clients and making sure he is providing the best plan possible. Chase enjoys establishing positive client relations as he loves to play tennis and keep track of all the wonderful restaurants he goes to in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a beautiful city that is attracting more and more young professionals as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are pushing out people who cannot afford it. Philadelphia is a great place to live and work in real estate development. Chase Rubin has benefited greatly from starting his career in Philadelphia because it was an up-and-coming city at the time. Now, Chase is proud to say he has contributed to the development of the city itself and has helped other people bring their ideas into materialization.

For Chase Rubin, developing real estate requires one to be a superstar. You must be truly excellent in all fields and aspects of real estate. It is not a specialized role and requires a huge amount of time, effort, and dedication. Chase’s favorite projects are residential because he gets to exercise his creative side. Chase is very interested in art history, especially that of interior design and architecture. It’s very important to understand how buildings and people have evolved over history. Chase’s interest in art history has given him ample foundation to work off of and apply to his projects.

Chase believes in creating something that will be enjoyed by many people. When it comes to residential projects in real estate development, there is plenty of design work and thoughtfulness at play. In order to make the site attractive to customers, the developers, engineers, and designers must work together to create an end product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but excellent in terms of functionality. People these days want to utilize every inch of space in the most accommodating way – especially in big cities where square footage is usually lacking.

To Chase, real estate development is a lifestyle that he thoroughly enjoys. It is not only a career, but also a network for Chase. He sees this experience as getting him ready to go off on his own in the future to create his own real estate development company. There is so much opportunity with this industry that Chase feels compelled to create his own journey.